Hotel in Corfu El Greco, the best accommodation in Corfu

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El Greco Hotel in Corfu welcomes you in our website.

El Greco Hotel in Corfu

Our hotel in Corfu is a 2 star hotel located in the center of Corfu island on the east coast of Corfu, just 7 miles from Corfu town and 1000 meters from Benitses.

The entrance of the hotel is on Corfu Lefkimi national highway, just above the sea. Our hotel`s apartments and rooms are developed on the steep greenhillside of the Achillion palace. The hotel view is unique to any direction. You can see the city of Corfu at the north, to the southest part of the island.

Rooms and amenities of our hotel

Our experienced staff and we personally are ready anytime to help our guests to deal with any problem, which may arise with both the rooms and accommodation here and for every other issue, during your holidays in Corfu.

Benitses in Corfu

Obviously at your first exit you might like to visit neighboring Benitses, more information about Benitses tourist destination is on the website of Benitses, where you will also find plenty of information for the whole of Corfu island too.

“I liked the attitude of the manager, he ws very friendly, he gave us maps of the island, what to sea and what is a must to do. The breakfast was ok, the manager gave us his best room with a great view for a very good price. I recommend also for lunch and dinner to go to a Benitses in the restaurant Big Byte. We really enjoyed our stay there and we would love to go back! Do not hesitate to pick this Corfu hotel, the location is everything!”

Georgi - Sofia, Bulgaria

“Very quiet, family oriented Corfu hotel. Convenient private kitchenette with stove, fridge and sink in the room. Large windows and shaded balcony with amazing view. The owner Dimitris, Katherine and other staff very friendly and ready to help. Our Corfu hotel is located close to the historical Achilleon, the famous palace of Austrian Empress Sissi and picturesque village of Benitsess. Swimming structure built in the sea by German Kaiser Wilhelm ii in 5 minutes walking distance. Best vacation ever. Leo. Project Manager Toronto”

Lev - Toronto, Canada